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From startups to enterprises - we provide guidance and connections to grow business, expand to new markets, manage finances smartly, attract and execute investments with confidence.


Corporate Services

We share our 25+ years of experience and expertise in traditional banking, investment banking, corporate finance services, and brokering multimillion-euro deals to support businesses in their decision-making to reach their goals.

Mergers & Acquisitions and Deal advisory

Corporate Finance services

Support in Navigating strategic options for business' biggest decisions


Legal Support

From Investments to day-to-day corporate legal matters, we help entrepreneurs and enterprises in realizing their ideas and running operations smoothly.

Corporate law, Regulatory compliance and AML

Legal support in Transactions from the beginning to the closure of the deal

Day-to-day operations and Corporate Governance



We help navigate, identify, structure, and implement innovative deal and financing solutions to build maximum value by providing tailored transaction services to companies, investors, and individuals.

Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Real Estate transactions

Due diligence, Investment analysis, and Risk assessment

Mapping opportunities, accessing Investor networks, personal introductions


Startup Consulting

Without limiting ourselves from our main focus on FinTech, Crypto & Blockchain, SaaS, Micromobility and eCommerce industries, we help startups to shape their success for fundraising, entering new markets and connecting with the right partners across the EU and beyond.

Assistance in Launching a startup or Expanding it, and in Localization & Launch strategies

Support in Legal, Logistical, and Strategic elements of relocating to the Baltics & develop local Pilot projects, Access your potential customer base

Tailored Analytical services on a project-to-project basis


FinTech Advisory

Our goal is to help businesses efficiently navigate through complex fintech matters, starting from setup and compliance, and ending with identifying the right integration partners and crafting the perfect technological setup.

Setup, licensing, and compliance matters

Right product setup and partner connections

Professional business and analytical consulting

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We are ready to share our expertise in helping you start and grow your business or if you simply need investment support - contact us and we will make our best efforts to help you.

If you are a Startup, feel free to send us your pitch deck, regardless of whether you want to receive guidance or investment support, we can make it work for you with the help of our significant network and co-investment possibilities.

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