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About Venture Faculty

We are professionals who have a rigorous understanding of the problems faced when establishing a business presence in Europe. Our dedicated team has deep experience, established processes, and connections around the world, that when combined, can jump-start a product when entering the European market. Not to mention our experience and connection in attracting investment.

Start in Latvia to grow all over the world

Latvia is making a great effort to put itself on the global startup map. The country is making every effort to facilitate scalable innovation – ranging from startup visas to favourable policies. We want to make Latvia a part of the global venture community and Riga to become a transit venture hub for early-stage companies.

Mission & Values

Our mission is to create a united and strong European ecosystem for startups, investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world. The ecosystem that grows and develops because of people interacting with each other, people constantly developing, doing their best and making use of the opportunities provided by the EU market.



Humans have one outstanding benefit, motivation and force resource — intellect. We value the intellect aspects of entrepreneurs. When combined with the financial capacity of enterprises, we believe that the best way to make money is to invest in ideas and thinking out of the box.



Relentless action and drive are the keystones of developing a business and shifting from thought to action. New solutions are not only made by startups — the driving force behind every innovation is the activity of the founders. The more energy, the higher the chance of success and investments, as all companies and corporations require a high level of vitality.



A successful venture requires more than experience, knowledge and the latest technologies. Key factors for success are vision and courage, which allows you to notice new opportunity and use it first before others. Only then will an entrepreneur be able to convert innovation into capital.

Meet Our Team

We are highly experienced in attracting the talent necessary to help our entrepreneurs to develop, network, grow and scale.

Renat Lokomet

Co-founder / Strategic Partner


Igor Bass

Co-founder / Partner


Zeev Strutsovski

Co-founder / Managing Partner


Sabina Novicka

Community Manager


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