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About Venture Faculty

We are professionals who have a rigorous understanding of the problems faced when establishing a business presence in Europe. Our dedicated team has deep experience, established processes, and connections around the world, that when combined, can jump-start a product when entering the European market. Not to mention our experience and connection in attracting investment.

Start in Latvia to grow all over the world — Your springboard to achievement

Latvia provides fertile ground for developing business opportunities and expanding further into the world . With an active startup ecosystem and a supportive government developing favorable policies, the environment is very facilitated for stable innovation. 
Venture Faculty catalyzes growth rate by applying three crucial criteria – connections, guidance, and investment. Together, these stimulate both companies and the local ecosystem to build an environment to further amplify business success.We want to make Latvia a part of the global venture community and Riga to become a transit venture hub for early-stage companies.

Mission & Values

Our mission is to realize the potential of the Latvian startup community and to strengthen its position in the European startup ecosystem, while ultimately improving society in Latvia. This is done through three pillars of action, which together bring value to all stakeholders while simultaneously strengthening the Latvian startup pipeline.



Ecosystems are only as good as the people working together with them. We make our networks available to achieve the best opportunities gained when putting strengths together. When combined with the financial capacity of enterprises, we believe that the best way to make money is to invest in ideas and thinking out of the box.



Relentless action and drive are the keystones of developing a business and shifting from thought to action. Our 20+ years of experience are put to work to guide businesses through business growth strategies, customer development, attracting investment, and navigating term sheets.



Attracting investment to a ripe ecosystem, increasing confidence through skin-in-the-game co-investment, and strengthening the Latvian startup pipeline for a more prosperous future. Key factors for investment success are vision and courage, which allow you to notice the new opportunity and use it first before others.

Meet Our Team

With 20+ years of experience in investment and business development, we are a team dedicated to pooling our skills together to build a brighter future. 

Renat Lokomet

Co-founder / Strategic Partner


Igor Bass

Co-founder / Partner


Zeev Strutsovski

Co-founder / Managing Partner


Hugo Kisils

Investment Analyst


Marija Barkevica



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