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What does it mean to be an intern at ‘Venture Faculty’?

In these difficult times associated with the pandemic, it is difficult for young employees and students to find work, but even greater difficulties can be experienced when looking for an internship, since now only specialists with extensive experience in this field are needed. With this article I would like to explain how my internship at ‘VentureFaculty’ is going. My interest in law and finance developed as I started realizing the complexity of issues and processes of the world. Rather soon I realized that law and finance processes are the fundament that govern most of them – development, correlation and relationship between businesses, governments and many more. Maintaining healthy balance between these various sectors and efficient allocation of resources ensure not only success of the economy but also quality of life of the society. Understanding the fact that law and finance activity explains so many aspects across various disciplines has reassured me to look for an internship.


In October 2020, I began an internship at the Venture Faculty, where I had to solve legal and financial issues. This was my first serious internship experience in a field in which I would like to develop in the future, which was especially exciting. In addition, it was my first experience in a legal case at a serious level, about the features of which I knew only by hearsay. From the first day of the internship, I immediately met interesting projects and wonderful people. Now I can say with all confidence that if a university student or a recent graduate wants to "pump" their knowledge, then without any doubt you can safely choose ‘VentureFaculty’. Here, from the very first day, I became part of a very friendly and professional team. In principle, the internship itself exceeded all my expectations. It really was a busy time, which I certainly spent usefully. Despite the fact that part of the internship turned out to be a remote format, this did not prevent you from feeling like a part of the team and working fully. I managed to try on the role of a practicing lawyer, because my supervisor gave me interesting and informative tasks, despite the fact that I was facing most of the tasks for the first time. In addition, during the internship I acquired useful skills such as drafting projects, legal documents, and business writing, in English, Russian and Latvian language. Of course, during the internship, I could also make mistakes, but I immediately received feedback that allowed me to correct them and, in the future, try to avoid those points that my colleagues pointed out. In addition, I got a complete understanding of the work in consulting and the specific features of the fieldof intellectual property law, which, together with the knowledge gained, will allow me to further develop in this direction.


This practice allows me to develop such personal qualities as leadership skills, analytical skills, ability to negotiate, research information, supplemented by my positive and open nature, excellent time management skills and focus on problem solving, and accordingly, these skills will definitely help me in my future career as a lawyer. This practice helps you understand what you want to do in the future and how you can achieve your goals and achieve your dreams. The experience that I gained in the ‘Venture Faculty’ is invaluable as I can apply it in various areas, because I have learned to perform various tasks in the conditions of the COVID-19. Taking everything into consideration, of course, I would like to say that I am sincerely grateful for the opportunity to get practical skills as a lawyer, learn a lot of new things and delve into one of the branches of law in practice. I am sure that all the knowledge and skills gained during this internship are invaluable experiences and will certainly help me in the future. And it is also worth highlighting my supervisors, and Zeev Strutsovski separately, for the invaluable experience that I received under their leadership, for their desire to teach me something, despite the lack of free time at times, and, for allowing me to become part of your wonderful team.

Written by Nikita Galilejevs